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Waterproof Shoes? For Real? 8 Cool Things You Should Know About Rens Waterproof Shoes [Free Shipping to Malaysia]

As a kid, I’ve always dreamed about shoes that never wear out. I’d get really annoyed when my shoes split open after bringing them out hiking too many times.

So it’s always nice to discover new sneakers in the market that is created specifically for people who find waterproof shoes more convenient than conventional ones.

While there have been a few in the market already, there’s yet another one in the market: Ren’s Waterproof shoes.

Here are some cool things about Ren you might find interesting:

#1. They are made of coffee! According to Ren Waterproof sneaker’s founders, they picked coffee as the material of choice because of its odor-proof, anti-bacterial, UV-light blocking and quick drying properties.

#2. The shoe is ENTIRELY waterproof! No matter where the water is coming in from, your feet stay dry. This is thanks to Ren’s AquaScreen Tech ™ waterproof membrane that shields off any water molecule from entering the shoe.

#3. Air passes through while keeping water out. The membrane technology lets air pass through freely in and out of the shoe while keeping water out. This keeps the shoe totally waterproof and still breathable.

#4. There are a total of nine colors to choose from. Not only were these shoes designed for durability, but they are also designed for style. You can choose from up to 9 different colors.

#5. It’s almost made of 6 plastic bottles. If you hate waste, you’ll like knowing that these shoes are also made of six plastic bottles. So you’re also helping clear waste pollution while getting really good quality shoes!

#6. You get a 1-year warranty. Ever heard of 1-year warranties for shoes? Well, now you have! Ren’s creators stand by their technology so much so they’re willing to give you a 1-year warranty if your shoes don’t live up to their claims.

#7. You can get a US$50 discount by backing their project now. Once these shoes go to market, they’ll be US$149 a pair. Right now though, you can get them for just US$99!

#8. Finally, you can get your Rens Waterproof Shoes with free shipping worldwide! This is great news for Malaysians because we usually need to pay US$20 – $50 for shipping when backing projects on Kickstarter.

If you’ve ever told yourself, “I wish these shoes were waterproof!”, Rens’ Waterproof Shoes might just be your solution.

**Remember: Shipping is free worldwide and the project ends on August 15th, 2019! So be sure to lock in your early bird prices soon.

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